Huang,Zhi-Yang (Huang chin-yang)

1965 Born in Taipei ,Taiwan .  Living  in  Beijin


1996 Asian Culture Council Prize
1995 The Biennial of Venice 46th Exhibition International Art
1996 The Art Exhibition of Taipei County  Taipei Couture Center 
1994 The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
1993 The Art Exhibition of Taipei County, Taipei County Culture Center
Solo Exhibition

[The Phenomenology of life: Chapters in a Course of Study]  National Museum of 
China, Beijing

[The Phenomenology of life: Chapters in a Course of Study]  Ink Studio, Beijing 

[Zoon - Dreamscape]  Pékin Fine Arts, Hong Kong
[Auspicious Beast and Three Marks]  Longmen Art Projects, Shanghai
[Huang Zhiyang New Artworks]  Joy Palace, The Art Pavilion, Beijing
[A Thousand Plateaus - Huang Zhiyang  Solo Exhibition]Art + Shanghai, Shanghai
[Huang Zhiyang New Artworks]  Xin Dong Cheng Space For Contemporary Art I, III, Beijing
[Peripheral Vision]  ITPARK, Taipei
[Peripheral Vision]  Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing
[Zoon - Dreamscape]  Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
[Possessing Numerous Peaks]  Times Square, Hong Kong
[Zoon: Beijing Bio]  Pékin Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing
[I am a cute germs]  Crosspath Culture - White Box, New York City
[Lovers' Library]  Ethan Cohen Gallery, New York City
[Lovers' Library]  Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
[Zoon]  Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen, Germany
[Imprisoned]  Bamboo Studio, Taipei
[Melancholy of Forest]  Taipei County Culture Center, Taipei
[Solo Exhibition]  Up Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
[Solo Exhibition]  Up Gallery, Taipei
[Solo Exhibition]  Taipei
[Solo exhibition]  Ba-Cui Gallery, Taipei
[Space Two]  Taipei Group Exhibition

Group  Exhibitions
[Rendering the Future – Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition]  Asia Art Center, Beijing
[Revisiting New Horizons Exhibition: Origins of TFAM's Contemporary Context]  Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei

[Majestic Island - The Development of Modern Art in Taiwan (1911-2011)]  National Art Museum of China, Beijing
[Pride of City - Jing'an International Sculpture Project Biennial]  Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai
[Organizing Committee, Jing'an International Sculpture Project Biennial]  Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai
[The First Xinjiang Biennale of Contemporary Art]  Xinjiang International Exhibition Center, Urumqi
[The Hanging Garden: Contemporary Chinese Landscapes in Art and Design]  Art + Shanghai, Shanghai
[Modern@Mo Deng]  
[The 2nd Project Exhibition of the 4th Guangzhou Triennial]  The Third Nature: Chinese Reconstruction, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangzhou
[Node – New Sights in Chinese Contemporary Art 2011]  Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing
[FIAC - Foire Internationaled’Art Contemporain]  
[Arts For A Better World, Art Basel Miami Beach]  
[54th Venice Biennale, Future Pass - From Asia to the World]  Abbaziadi San Gregorio and Palazzo Mangilli - Valmarana, Venice Chi - Wen Gallery, ART HK 2011, Hong Kong
[Anne Valerie Hash Autumn]  Winter, An Evening of No 
[Boundary - Presenting China Contemporary Creativity, China in Paris]  Paris Fashion Week, Paris
[Huang Zhiyang and Zhao Huizhou, Transboundary Cooperation]  Beijing Fashion Week, Beijing
[China in Paris Showroom]  Paris Fashion Week, Paris
[Very Fun Park]  Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei
[Group Exhibition]  Gallery 100, Taipe
[Pékin Fine Arts]  ShContemporary 2010, Shanghai Art Fair 
[International Contemporary Art Exhibition]  Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
[Art For The World]  [The Expo], Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai
[Emptiness]  Art + Shanghai, Shanghai
[A Peep Into Taiwan Contemporary Works on Paper]  Chi - Wen Gallery, Taipei
[Pékin Fine Arts, ShContemporary 2009]  Shanghai Art Fair 
[International Contemporary Art Exhibition]  Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
[Discovery]  Found Museum, Beijing
[Accumulation]  Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing
[Sweeties - Celebrating 20 Years of IT PARK]  ITPARK, Taipei
[We Shall Overcome!]  Li - SPACE, Beijing
[Envisage II - Butterfly Dream]  Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
[Chi - Wen Gallery]  ShContemporary 2008, Shanghai Art Fair 
[International Contemporary Art Exhibition]  Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
[OPEN 11: International Exhibition 08]  Sculpture and Installations, Lido, Venice
[Chi - Wen Gallery]  ShContemporary 2009, Shanghai Art Fair 
[International Contemporary Art Exhibition]  Shanghai Exhibition Shenzhen, Shanghai
[Hung Tunglu, Huang Zhiyang Art Exhibition]  Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
[Fusing International Biennale 2009 for Culture and Creativity]  
[The 4th China Beijing International Culture and Creative Industry Expo]  (ICCIE), Beijing
[FLOAT]  Hong - Gan Museum, Taipei
[Form, Idea, Essence and Rhythm: Contemporary East Asian Ink Painting]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition: A Vista of Perspectives]  OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
[Absence Exhibition, Arther M.Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology]  Peking University, Beijing
[The Open Ink Painting]  Guanshanyue Museum of Art, Shenzhen
[Language / Environment]  Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
[Art Taipei 2006]  Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Center, Taipei
[New Chinese Occidentalism - China Contemporary Art in Beijing]  Beijing
[Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity]  Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
[A Glimpse of Contemporary Art in Taiwan]  Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 
[Qin, Calligraphy]  Paintings and Tea, Taipei MOMA Gallery, Taipei
[MOMA Online Artists Joint Exhibition]  Taipei MOMA, Taipei
[20 Years of Hanart TZ Gallery]  Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
[Radical Line: Innovation in Chinese Contemporary Painting]   The College of Wooster Art Museum, Wooster
[Place / Displace]   Centre A - Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Vancouver
[Obscured Traces: The Art of Ink Painting After the End of the History of Art]  Eslite Gallery, Taipei
[Discourses on Love: 64 Conversations in SARS' Era]  ITPARK, Taipei
[Prague Biennale 1]  Nadace Prague Biennale, Prague
[Wind Dance Theatre]  Taipei Cultural Center, New York City
[Avant Garde Liberation: The Huang Mingchuan Image Collection of the 1990's], [Sites of Construction: The Moving Image as a Site of Art Historical Construction], Hong Kong
[Taipei Public Art Festival]  Dahu Park, Taipei
[Ink, Ethan Cohen Fine Art]  New York City
[The New Century of Chinese Ink Painting: The Exhibition of Chinese Ink Painting from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong Modern Chinese Ink Painting Association]  Exhibition Gallery - Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
[The Wall]  History Museum, Taipei
[Face to Face: Contemporary Art from Taiwan]  Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland; Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
[Chinese Figures]  Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
[Vision of Pluralism - Contemporary Art in Taiwan]  China Art Museum, Beijing; History Museum, Taipei 
[Power of the Word]  Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung
[Tracing Taiwan: Contemporary Works on Paper]  Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei
[Spirit ant Ghosts]  Tacheles Art Center, Berlin
[On the Edge of Tradition]  Broadening the Vision of Contemporary Ink Art, Dimension Endowment, Taipei
[Landscape, City and Symphony: Installation Art in Taiwan]  Department of Culture, Taiwan Provincial Government, Chiayi Municipal Government, Chiayi
[Land Ethic: Cave]   FUBON Art Foundation, Xinyi District, Taipei
[Inside Out: New Chinese Art, Asia Society and P.S.1 Museum, New York City / Museum of Modern Art and Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
[The Back Garden of Taipei: Installation Art]  Grass Mountain Chateau, Taipei City Foundation, Taipei
[Installation Art in Taiwan]  Chia - Yi
[Tracing Taiwan: Contemporary Work on Paper, The Drawing Center and Parish Museum, New York City / Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts forum, Santa Barbara
[Artist in Residence (AIR) Program]  Headland Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California
[The Contemporary Art of Taiwan]  Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
[Forward]  New Paradise, Taipei
[46th Venice Biennale]  Exhibition of International Art, Taiwan Pavilion, Venice
[Famous Brand]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[Anti - Nucleus Concept]  Hanart Gallery, Taipei
[The Frame]  Taipei Normal College Gallery, Taipei
[Art and Language]  Taipei Normal College Gallery, Taipei
[Print Exhibition]   Ba - Cui Gallery, Taipei
[Chin]  Gallery Elegance, Taipei
1993 [Contemporary Ceramics]  Tainan Culture Center, Tainan City
[Poison]  Space Two, Taipei
[Small]  Space Two, Taipei
[Contemporary Ink Exhibition]   Capital Art Center, Taichung
[90, New Conception Exhibition]   Hanart Gallery, Taipei
[Small Work Show]   Up Gallery, Taipei
[Taiwania New Sprout Exhibition]  Taiwania Gallery, Taipei
[Environment Art Exhibition]  Taipei County Culture Center, Taipei
[Dis / Continuity: Religion, Shamanism, Nature]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[The Biennial Taipei Exhibition Contemporary Art]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[Frontier Culture Exhibition]  Taipei County Culture Center, Taipei
[Open Exhibition]  Up Gallery, Taipei
[Individualism]  Capital Culture Center, Taichung
[Space Two Member Exhibition]  Yellow River Art Center, Taichung
[Erotic]  Go Go Gallery, Tainan
[Native Sex Exhibit]  Space Two, Taipei; Go Go Gallery, Tainan; Up Gallery, Kaohsiung
[Apartment: Avant - Garde and Experiment]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[The 6th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibit]   Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
[The Ink Painting Exhibition/International Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition]  Taiwan and Seoul
[Time, Spirit and Ink and Color, Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition]  Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei