Live marks and the pulsation and penetration of energy. Aura: Symbols and marks, traces and trajectories; melodies that penetrate energy. Order: Birds, insects, and fish converge and diverge, opening and closing the sky. Connecting with history and place: the energy-field of information: Our ancestors first used knot-tying to record events. Patterns on oracle bones to divine heaven's will; then came pictographs, simple and complex ideographs, rebus characters, and phono-semantic compound characters. Digitalization: Confronting the information network of the present, with pulsating data interflowing and interwoven. Using the most natural mediums and the most ancient cultural materials and tools. Viewing things microscopically, so as to gain a macroscopic view of the world.And the metaphysical realm as well. Reverence: respect our own existence, all that occupies space, an interface between the formed and the formless. A language between the visible and the invisible. Order and ethics, mystical waters and spiritual mountains, roaming, converging, coming into an array or sequence. Wordlessness: murmuring to oneself can also be a kind of spiritual training. All begins with a brush-stroke, a breath, a pulsation.

Three Marks Notes
Huang Zhiyang