These can't be a group of hills! From a distance, they look more like mushrooms or fungi sprouting up in the grass following a Spring rain. Seen from high up, they look like a group of mollusks, spread out in idle conversation. Fungi never stop evolving; man never ceases to alienate himself from others; space is forever being divided. This is an organic object. Viewer Participation. Viewers are drawn into the artwork. A child, obviously used to having his photo taken, poses before it. Smiling, his young parents snap his picture. The child changes his pose and smiles shyly. Soon, more people move to and fro among the objects. Some sprawl out every which way, making the small snail-like hill a scene of lassitude. Time passes; people come and go. Before long, the man who was lounging on the hill is nowhere to be seen. His place has been taken by an older woman photographer...... Unfamiliarity: standing before my own work at the exhibition, a feeling of unfamiliarity came over me. It was no longer my own work. The change in venue and the passage of time, together with the changing flow of viewers, have meant uninterrupted change in its relation with the environment. Breaking Free: the work is an object, and an object has its own reason for taking up a certain space. Nothing more need to be said. It has its own reason for breaking free from me.

Possessing Numerous Peaks Notes
Huang Zhiyang