Heaven dictates that humans. Lack feathery wings, lack sharp claws or fangs. Lack the robust hind-legs of the explosive leopard, sly rabbit, or galloping horse. Which spring and dash to flee their predators. Lack the fearsomeness of the lion and the tiger, those lords of forests and grasslands. But humans have boundless imagination. And ten agile fingers to create myriad things. Fear. Originates in the transformations of heaven and earth, the unpredictability of nature and its elements. Imagination, too, originates in transformations, the ebb and flow of emotions according to time and season. I pray. That the heart finds its rightful object, that the mind finds its peaceful place. Desire is like a little worm: the worm squirms, the heart stirs. Desire stirred, hands itching, I scribble and sculpt to relieve melancholy and boredom. Child-like mind, child-like interest, childish toys, cartoons. Mighty Mouse, Mickey Mouse, China’s own house shrew. Legends and fairy-tales; the jade dragons of Hongshan Culture and the red dragon of Avatar. Pets for adults; toys for children.

Auspicious Beast Notes
Huang Zhiyang